Accomplishments in Trustee Area 5:

  • Fresno High's 2014-2015 four year graduation rate (the last year for which statistics are currently available) increased significantly to 89.9% (statewide is 82.3%) - higher than the statewide average!
  • UC/CSU eligible┬árate at Fresno High in 2014-2015 was 43.7% (statewide was 43.4%)
  • A new elementary school for the area, Williams Elementary, was opened
  • Improvements to existing school facilities, including at Fresno High, Hamilton K-8, Slater, Wilson, and Cooper
  • Strengthening the International Baccalaureate program
  • Career technical programs (also known as CTE or vocational education) increased
  • Establishing programs, such as the Men's and Women's Alliance at Fresno High, to keep students in school and on track to graduate
  • Partnering with community organizations, such as Reading and Beyond, to address the needs of our English Learners
  • Healthier food options at our schools
  • Funding positions to increase school safety and address truancy
  • More time in the classroom at all elementary schools in the area as of August, 2016

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